Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Journal Snippet: Midterms and Rainy Days

It was wet and rainy today, but I didn't mind. I like the rain.
Today, my eyes were hypersensitive to lights... much more so than usual... probably due to my sporadic "midterm" sleep pattern. The barometric pressure was also giving me a headache. I reheated the odd breakfast I had made the night before (note to self: do not add vanilla almond milk while making eggs) and headed off to the testing center to take my Language and Society midterm. Because of my diagnosis and IEP, I get to take exams in a nice little testing room where I can turn the lights off. :3 Good thing I'm good at writing essays, because that's all the test was, pretty much.

After chilling in my room watching a movie with Teddy Jr. (my giant fluffy bear) and jotting down some plot points for my fantasy novel, I went to take my Advertising exam. I didn't schedule this one at the testing center because I thought I could handle taking it in the classroom. But not today... my eyes just didn't agree with me. The lights in the classroom were brighter than the ones in my other classes, so it didn't take long for them to fry my brain, and my sunglasses were no match for them. I spoke with the professor about it and he let me leave early so I could take the exam another time this week.

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