Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Expressing Emotions

There are things about me that I'd prefer not to explain to people.

Let's just say that dressing in a chicken suit before having a serious conversation or asking for advice is the social norm (yes, I'm actually going somewhere with this). When you're having a difficult time dealing with something, do you want people to insist that you dress in a chicken suit in order to talk to them about it? If your preferences of interaction differ from this "norm," you'd probably want to strangle anyone who tries to get you in a chicken suit.

That's my stance on discussing my problems in person. Even with people I trust, it feels incredibly awkward because I cannot sufficiently express how I'm feeling unless I'm writing or typing. In person, I may appear to be emotionally flat at these times, when in reality, I'm suppressing any outward expression as sort of a defense mechanism. It's not that I'm incapable of expressing emotion—for I do so in solitude—it’s just that I would rather express things in writing so I don't spew incoherent nonsense to someone. Writing letters and chatting online gives me the chance to think through what I want to say, and the fact that no one is looking at me makes it easier. People may become frustrated with me when I don't want to talk in person, but the fact is, I simply want to protect myself and the other person from confusing situations due to misunderstandings.


  1. I like this post, because it helps me understand you. I think many people suppress emotions in public in certain circumstances. In solitude you can honestly reflect upon you feelings without outside "noise". In fact, I think in some cases, keeping your feelings/emotions to yourself in public protects you from outside scrutiny and is wise. Although, as I have gotten older, I don't care as much what people think of me. However, I do care that my life is making a difference, and perhaps by sharing these blogs, your life is making a difference in other peoples lives, too.

  2. Sure, it helps to keep certain things to ourselves, but I kinda wish people were more honest about how they feel and not care so much about what other people think.
    And to make a difference is my goal, in terms of this blog. It's not just for me to wrap up my rants in a neat little package... I hope it helps aspies and neurotypicals understand each other, as well as themselves, a little better.