Saturday, October 12, 2013

Journal Snippet: EpiConnection and Asperger's Awareness

Yesterday was lovely. After an unusually long nap (two hours!), I made some cookies and brought them to my social/support group, EpiConnection. I had started this group last semester for the purpose of providing students with disabilities a place to belong and to sort through our unique issues with a counselor. We currently have only 2-3 members, but I absolutely love spending time with them. I also figured out that another member has Asperger's Syndrome too!

Other than that, I spent most of the day chilling. I wanted to take it easy after the exhausting week. I went on Facebook and liked an Asperger's Awareness page (link below), and I liked how they encouraged aspies to post below with a little info about themselves so it'd be easier to make friends on the page. I viewed the descriptions many aspies had posted, and added several of them to my friends list.
Asperger's Awareness Community post

I had a surprise visitor (she's friends with me and my suitemate Demi) later on, though I was delighted to see her. She came by to hang out and do homework in my room, and it was nice having her around. Because she reminds me of another friend of mine who has ADD and Asperger's, I find myself giggling when she becomes intrigued by things in a childlike manner.

Unfortunately, I didn't get enough sleep again because I was hanging out with her and Demi, and I was going on a trip to Chicago in the morning too... the annoying thing about this is how my overall sensitivity increases when my energy is lower, which I'll elaborate more on in my next post.

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