Thursday, November 30, 2017

Holiday Aspie Special! "Through Our Eyes" Discount

Holiday Aspie Special!

Get a $10 DVD copy (special edition) of "Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger's" or streaming access to the full-length film for only $5, for yourself or loved ones. $1 Neurodiversity magnets in my shop, more goodies to come.

This deal will last all through the season and expires Monday, January 15th.

May your holidays be filled with happy flaps and quiet rooms aplenty.


Friday, November 24, 2017

I Am Thankful for Vael. (Journal Tidbit)

I know Thanksgiving is over, but it's never too late to be thankful for something. I try to reflect on the good things in my life all year round.

I am thankful for Vael.

(For those who don't know, Vael is my fantasy novel that I have been dreaming of for the past 7+ years. Check out my blog documenting my progress here.)

Digitized version of a drawing I made for my friend Ed, who helped me create the world.

I've been working on Vael a lot lately. I kinda hid away in my room for a while, off my meds, so I could go crazy on the outline. I actually got a lot done. I used a stickynote method where I put basic plot points (and other important story points/info) on my closet door and arrange them in order. I will have to frequently re-order these to add new points since this is only 1/3-1/2 of the story.

The first photo was from Day 1 of outlining... the second is from Day 2-3. I purposely blurred the photos to avoid giving away spoilers.

I plan to continue once this busy weekend is over. Too much going on...

In regards to Vael, I work best when I can focus intensely, and non-stop if possible. I still need to take breaks to take care of myself, but there is nothing more exciting to me than working on a project I love for hours on end without thinking about anything or anyone else.

This can lead me to be somewhat "neglectful" of those around me, but it should be okay if it's just for a few days. I just have to explain to people that this is my passion and I need to disappear for a while to really make progress.

I hope they understand. I really love Vael.