Saturday, December 21, 2019

Farewell, Wunderlist 😭 (I hate change)

This post is not sponsored by Wunderlist or Microsoft To Go... I just really loved Wunderlist and wanted to help my fellow aspies who also love Wunderlist to get through this transition.

One of my favorite (and most useful) apps, Wunderlist, is being retired in May 2020. As an aspie, I've benefitted greatly from organizing my life using this app. It allows you to create lists, and within those lists you can create tasks with a whole bunch of useful info in them.

For instance, you can make subtasks that make breaking down bigger tasks into smaller steps quite simple! You can set due dates and alarms, and attach files. There is also a handy little Notes section in each task.

Not to mention you can invite people to view or edit your list, assign items to specific people, and make comments.

I didn't know until now that it was gonna be retired, until I asked a friend to download the app so they could join a shared list with me. They were informed by the app that it was about to be retired and passed that info on to me. (I hardly ever update my apps so that's probably why I wasn't notified.)

Apparently, Wunderlist is being replaced by a similar app called Microsoft To Do. I freaked out when I found out (I'm an aspie, I don't like change!), but I calmed down when I realized just how similar Microsoft To Do is.

I was still worried that my items I have added to Wunderlist over the last 6-7 years would disappear!!! That would be like wiping my brain's memory because I rely on the app that much. I didn't want to manually add each item from Wunderlist to Microsoft To Do.

Luckily, there's a way to automatically import Wunderlist items into Microsoft to do. And thank gob there is!! I mean, otherwise I'd be copying/pasting 1,428 tasks manually. o__o

Here's a quick tutorial on how to import your Wunderlist lists and tasks.

Also, there's a dark theme! Again, thank gob!!! That's something that Wunderlist was lacking.
Similar to Wunderlist, there is also a desktop version of Microsoft To Do. Get it here.

Wunderlist lovers, I hope this helps with the transition. If you panicked like I did, it's okay. Change is a big freaking deal. At least there is an alternative that is very similar and doesn't require much work to switch over.

Alyssa signing off!