Sunday, August 14, 2022

The WaffleCast™ - A New Podcast on Neurodiversity

We've got a new podcast! The WaffleCast™ is all about autism, neurodiversity, and mental health, featuring autistic adults sharing their experiences, hosted by autistic filmmaker and VTuber (@NeuroLushia). You can watch our first episode on YouTube or Anchor/Spotify.

Episode 2 will be streamed live on YouTube August 25th at 6pm CTThe topic is "Coping with OCD" and will be hosted by only Alyssa this time, as we are still gathering guests for future episodes. Join us to hear how about how Alyssa tells the difference between intrusive and "real" thoughts, how sneaky compulsions can be, and the various coping mechanisms she uses to deal with them.

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