Monday, November 29, 2021

Rebranding LushiaGaming - Say Hello to Gingersnaspie! (again): aka I'm a VTuber now! (yeah yeah I know it's overdone)

For those who've been following my gaming channel for a long time, you might be aware that its name wasn't always LushiaGaming. I re-branded after discovering I'm a DID system--and decided to keep my name consistent across all platforms.

After some time, the re-branding didn't feel quite right for my gaming channel. Its old name, Gingersnaspie, felt much more fitting--I always loved the mix of "ginger" and "aspie" in the name, and it's a rather snappy ("snaspie?") name, in my humble opinion.

It seems all the more fitting considering a new face of my channel...

Introducing Ginger! The quirky Neurodivergent redhead host (aka me) of my gaming channel--which, by the way, has been renamed Gingersnaspie, if you didn't already guess.

I've been (semi) secretly working on this VTuber avatar in my evil lab (I mean umm, computer I guess) for the past few months, hence my lack of livestreams. I plan to get back to streaming very soon, with at least 1-2 scheduled livestreams per month and the rest will be spontaneous (great for my ADHD). Click here to check out my new streaming schedule.

Want to meet Ginger? The avatar debuts in a livestream on Sunday, December 5th at 7pm CT, on both Twitch and YouTube. Hope to see you there!