Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dream Glasses: Climb That Mountain

I had a rather symbolic dream.

I was sitting by myself during a party, but I didn't feel particularly lonely. I had the moon, the stars, and the mountain to gaze upon. Everyone else was too busy mingling and swimming in the pool to notice the beauty of what was right in front of them.

Then one of the party members walked up next to me and asked me what I was doing. Without taking my eyes off the mountain, I told him.

"Why would you rather be here than in the pool?" the guy asked.

Swimming was second nature to most people, so it was normal to have pool parties. Unfortunately, it was not really my thing since I had never been good at it.

"I like climbing more than swimming." I replied, expecting him to be shocked. For reasons I cannot fathom, he wasn't.

"I see." he said. He looked in the direction of my gaze. "So do you like mountains, too?"

"I do." I replied. "I wish I could go to the very top of one someday."

After the typical niceties and a brief farewell, he returned me to my solitude. Then I stood up and began to make my way towards my destination.

At least I could say... while everyone else was living the life they were expected to, I was climbing mountains.

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