Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fatigue Solution = Rhodiola Rosea (Review)

As stated in a previous post about my search for fatigue solutions, I decided to try a supplement called Rhodiola Rosea. Because I'm strongly against medications (and their endless side-effects), I wanted to pursue a more natural route.

Since I first wrote this post, my interest in nootropics has not ceased. I use Rhodiola alongside other herbal supplements to aid my focus, anxiety, and depression. Honestly, It's made my life so much better, and I've been able to handle life stuff with less drama.


There are no side effects from Rhodiola Rosea as long as you take the right dosage for you. Play around with the dosage until it feels right; you'll know it's too little if there is no effect, and too much if you feel jittery or anxious (sort of like caffeine overload). It will be different for everyone: for example, I take an extremely small dose (10-30mg) because my body is extremely sensitive to whatever I put in it.

Rhodiola is also an adaptogen, which means it adapts to your body's needs. It has a long list of effects, but which effects and to what degree depends on the person and their biochemistry. For instance, Rhodiola mainly helps me with depression, physical stamina, and social phobia, because those are my weaknesses.

Also, because it is an adaptogen, you gradually build resistance to it if it's taken long-term. As a result, long-term use without a break can result it in not working anymore. To avoid this, the dosage needs to be cycled. A common recommendation is to take it for 1-2 weeks, then have a 1-week "vacation" from it before getting back on it.

Without further ado, here are some reported effects of Rhodiola Rosea, according to WebMD, my own experience, and information from other users:

Benefits: (helps with...)

Mood/emotions--> Stimulates positive mood
Mental Fatigue/tiredness
Physical Fatigue/tiredness
Reduces tension
Intellectual capacity/endurance (learning)
Increases physical endurance
Increases resistance to cold
Promotes healthy appetite and sleep
Cardioprotective (improves circulation, good for your heart)
Cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure
Improves iron absorption
Boosts immune system--> Prevents flu and tuberculosis

Side Effects
Odd dreams
Minor headache when adjusting to taking it
Upset stomach (typically when taken on an empty stomach)
Restlessness (when dose is too high)
Irritability (when dose is too high)
Heart palpitations (when dose is too high)


As for myself, I started taking this near the end of a college semester, and it did wonders! I found that it helped me with long, mentally draining tasks like research papers, and it greatly increased my ability to deal with stress and anxiety. However, large dosage and taking it for more than two weeks makes me more anxious. It helps to stack Rhodiola with calming herbs or teas that decrease my anxiety, like Ashwagandha or Organic Matcha Green Tea. (What is a stack? Info here)

Rhodiola also increases my desire to exercise, and my physical stamina. It's best for me to take it on days when I know I'll be walking about campus, running errands, or hitting the gym. If I am not physically active on the days I take Rhodiola, I can become restless and fidgety. I find that it also increases my circulation (no more cold feet!), helps prevent my exercise-induced chest pain, and gives me more "oomph" at the gym so I can get a better workout.

It's also wonderful for my moods and fatigue. Those are the two main reasons why I hardly socialize in college, and Rhodiola helps greatly with that. I am bolder and actually feel like talking to people. I don't have any negative thoughts and feelings butting in. I find that I also have more energy to pay attention in conversations.

To sum it up, Rhodiola Rosea is an effective, natural solution to fatigue and depression, and it helps to improve one's mood, productivity, and physical stamina. I'd recommend this for anyone who deals with issues similar to mine, or those who often perform mentally and/or physically demanding tasks, such as students and manual laborers.

If you're interested in trying Rhodiola, I purchased mine on Amazon.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about herbal supplements!


DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert, and my testimonial on this product is based on my personal experience and research on numerous website. I encourage you to research supplements on credible websites and sources. Rhodiola works for me, but it may not work for everyone.

Please note that if you ever get into nootropics, research is very importantDoctors will not often recommend herbal supplements because they aren't approved by the FDA, and I'm not sure if they are even allowed to give advice on them. WebMD is a great place to start for basic info on herbs and supplements. The nootropics reddit and customer reviews on Amazon are great for testimonies and recommendations. Scholarly/scientific sources are the most credible sources if you can find them.

Please use appropriate discernment according to your needs and conditions. While independent research is effective, DO consult your doctor before taking any natural/herbal supplement with known risks and drug interactions (i.e. St. John's Wort or Comfrey).


UPDATE Feb. 2016: I do still benefit from Rhodiola Rosea, but in very small doses. And I don't take it any longer than two weeks straight. I am at risk for racing thoughts so this sometimes aggravates it, but I found I can balance that out by taking it with a small dose of Gingko Biloba. I prefer Gingko for focus over Rhodiola, but still use Rhodiola for a general happiness and physical stamina boost.


  1. I'm quiting coffee because it makes me very anxious and I drank a lot because I'm so tired.
    Today I start green tea and rhodiola!

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