Friday, November 8, 2013

Journal Snippet: Great Software, Outdated Hardware

It's been a long week...

I was going to perform at the talent show tonight, but the friend I was gonna sing with suggested we wait until next year, when we're more prepared, since the song is difficult to master. Since my brain tends to be a one-way train, I still wanted to be in the talent show. I was determined. After recovering from one of my disappointment-induced solitary meltdowns—which I will write about eventually—I decided to wait and see if I'd have the energy for singing at the last minute, since I could always tell them to drop my act if I chose not to perform.

It only took a couple hours this morning to decide not to. I couldn't afford to waste the day thinking about it; I had better things to do. My food supply was running low so I needed to shop. I also have a research paper due on Thursday. Any energy I have must be used for the important stuff...

Mini Alyssa's

It's times like these that I view myself like a computer with poor compatibility, and I'm jealous of other computers that have features I lack.

I wish I had as much energy as everyone else, so I won't keep missing out on fun things. Allow me to explain this concept with a table of "system stats":

Region: The Moon
Region: Earth
Primary operations: Problem-solving, media creation
Primary operations: Social interaction, media consumption
Memory: Poor
Memory: Moderate
Battery life: 10-15 hours
Battery life: 15-20 hours
Power source: Solitude
Power source: Social interaction
Other info: The system is pleasantly quiet with a dull screen and sleek exterior. Its benefits are ease of use and it responds well to given commands, as long as it understands the language. It has powerful software installed, but it uses battery power quickly. Connectivity with Average Joe systems limited.
Other info: The system makes a lot of noise and the screen is very bright; also the exterior is so colorful it might blind you more than the screen. Sometimes it will blast music at random because of its unpredictable set of default commands. The software is power-hogging Earth stuff, supported by the system’s long battery life.
HARDWARE: Lightweight but delicate. Handle with care; do not expose to extreme conditions or distressing stimuli.
HARDWARE: Heavy and durable. Great for pointless endeavors like sports and parties.

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