Saturday, November 23, 2013

Journal Snippet: Fatigue solution?

If you silly humans have to consume drugs (aka coffee) just to function normally, there's something wrong with your lifestyle, not your energy!

I'm one of the few adults who don't drink coffee often, and yet I've been forced to in times of high stress and heavy workloads. I just don't understand why we have to do things that are beyond our normal abilities...

I'm so tired, and I have another research paper to write—and I just don't have the motivation. I gave up on it yesterday, so I have to make up for it today. In spite of my fatigue and dread to go out in public, I still wanted to see "Catching Fire" that night since my friend managed to get me a spot with a group from our college. Honestly, not many do what she did for me... not only was she willing to give me the spot that someone else gave up (supposedly that person wasn't going), but when things went wrong (cuz someone else took the ticket apparently), she gave me her own ticket. I could rant forever about how wonderful it is, since I usually have such bad luck that I miss out on all the events I initially wanted to attend.

Anyway, lately I have been looking up natural ways to boost my energy, because my body simply cannot keep up with my workload. Caffeine and sugar is out of the question because I don't like the artificial buzz. Apparently kiwis give a natural energy boost, so I tried them and they seem to work; however, they only helped me stay alert, rather than improve my cognitive functioning.

Since I'm pretty much a professional Googler, I finally managed to find something that helps nearly all my worst symptoms, like fatigue, stress, anxiety, heart problems, memory, intellectual capacity, and concentration. It's called Rhodiola Rosea, and after my research, it seems feasible since it's natural with no side effects. I've ordered some capsules online and have yet to try it, but I'll post again later with the results. Let's hope it works... I'm sick of being braindead and wiped out so often.

See the results here:

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