Monday, January 1, 2018

5 Ways to Love Yourself (Part 2) ~ Healthy Habits

This is #2 in the series "5 Ways to Love Yourself." Check back tomorrow for Part 3.

Establish healthy habits.


This topic also ties in with self-care. Healthy habits are the result of daily, intentional effort to ensure one's actions are beneficial to themselves and others around them. When I stick to my healthy habits, I feel much better about myself and find it easier to accept love from others.

Daily exercise, balanced diet, a regular bedtime, socializing, going outside, and taking down-time (when I need it) all do wonders for me.

...though a 3am Krabby Patty is okay every once in a while.

And saying "no" to events, content, and activities, that do not resonate with me helps me love who I am and not something I'm expected to be.

I love music, but dislike concerts. No offense to friends who invite me.

But carrying out these daily habits isn't as easy as it sounds. Like I said, healthy habits are the result of daily, intentional effort. If I'm not consistently paying attention, it's easy to slip up and forget that I need those habits to feel well. Keeping my awareness open to listen to my body, mind and spirit are crucial--along with ignoring my lazy side trying to convince me that checking Facebook, watching Netflix, or overworking is more important than meeting my needs.

                  This...                                                                              ...not this.

I'm aware that not everyone f
unctions splendidly (especially me), so here are a few hacks I use to carry out these habits or free up energy, even on bad days:

  • 5-Minute Workout:
    I've read that a mere five minutes of vigorous exercise can relieve depression, fatigue, and an overall bad mood for much of the day. I've done this many times and it works well for me.
    (I make a point to actually test the advice I read about.)

  • Alarms:
    I set an alarm for each major task I absolutely cannot forget, like my mealtimes, meds, exercise, and bedtime routine. I also have more specific alarms ready for my "lowest-functioning" days, that remind me of everything else like drinking water, showering, or using the toilet. I often have three alarms set just to get me out of bed in the morning.

  • Disposable Dishware:
    I buy paper plates, bowls, forks, and spoons in bulk to save energy that I can use on other valuable things instead of washing dishes: like bulk cooking or spending time with family. Paper and plastic does put a small dent in my budget, but it's well worth the time that I would have otherwise spent burning myself out on washing dishes.

  • Ask For Help:
    When all else fails, seeking assistance from friends and family (when appropriate) can help lift some of the burden. Honestly, I'm quite stubborn about this one and don't like asking for help, even my family is supportive. But I do sometimes request help covering expenses or cooking a meal. I realize that asking for help does not make you a failure; it makes you human.

         It's nice to see that Hogwarts offers accommodations, too.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this!
    I will take on these hacks. Great tips. This could change things. I too feel so much better when healthy. Also it makes me feel better about my day when I go to bed.

    ”love who I am and not something I'm expected to be.”
    This is hard. Everybody expects me to be somebody else. My doctor told me I have borderline just because of that.