Thursday, March 18, 2021

CALL TO ACTION!! Get my YouTube channel back

For those unaware, I've been making gaming videos for over 6 years on my LushiaGaming YouTube channel. I have only a small audience, but those who watch me enjoy my content, especially since I started streaming years ago so we can interact more.

Unfortunately, YouTube removed my channel for "spam" when it is clearly not spam. My guess is that it was an error with the algorithm.

Needless to say, my viewers are disappointed and so am I. For a platform that aims to boost creators and create communities, YouTube's algorithm sure is bad at detecting genuine creators and communities.

I made a Tweet to get YouTube's attention. If you'd like to help me get my channel back, please retweet this! If you've watched my gaming channel, I recommend including a comment saying so, or something you like about my gaming channel, so YouTube knows I have a real audience!

My friend Hayden also made a post on Instagram, so if you're on that platform please share that one too!

Some of you who enjoy my content on Lushia's Neurodivergent Life also watch my gaming videos, and we have a lot of fun together. I like to use that platform to have a good connection to you guys and just chill. It's sad to me that YouTube (and/or its faulty algorithm) would remove that channel without warning.

In the meantime, I'm still streaming on Twitch, so you can watch me there:
(but I still want my YouTube channel back since I posted a lot of highlight compilations there, plus there's so much history and my old gameplays before Twitch)
And feel free to join our Discord server (The Waffle Zone™):

I also randomly decided to make another channel (JustLushia) for any misc. content that doesn't fit on my other channels, like rants or just random stuff. I have no idea where it's going. xD but feel free to sub anyway if you want to see whatever madness I decide to put there.