Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Letter to Nickelodeon... (On Promoting Hate Groups)

TW: silencing of autistic voices

This. is. not. okay.

Nickelodeon is deleting comments from autistics left and right on their post promoting Autism Speaks on their official Facebook page.

Even my comment, which I very carefully worded to be calm, rational and polite, was deleted.

Pay attention. The 3.1K total comment count includes deleted comments.

There are only 1,908 comments remaining. They deleted 1/3 of the total comments, about 1,000 comments. That's an awful lot of censorship.

Proof that comments are being deleted:

Nickelodeon, have you considered WHY you're getting so many comments from autistics, who are understandably upset that you would promote an organization with a problematic history (that continues even now) of stigmatizing autistic people, excluding their voices, and promoting their abuse?

I believe you had the best intentions with your post, and if you're unfamiliar with the history of Autism Speaks, the angry comments you're getting seem to be coming out of nowhere. But there are many compelling reasons why most #ActuallyAutistic people do not support Autism Speaks and why you shouldn't either.


Autism Speaks is the PETA of autism organizations. Fear-mongering, and doing more harm than good. It is a hate group disguised as a charitable organization.

Look beyond simple statements from Autism Speaks and actually research their history, what they stand for, and what they are STILL doing that is harmful for our community. They promote quack "medicine," anti-vax propaganda, and stigmatizing views and outright abuse of autistic people (look up Judge Rotenburg Center, and ABA Therapy).

This video gives a good summary of why Autism Speaks is awful.

Their funding is also flawed--only 2% goes towards "family services" while the rest is for searching for a "cure" that doesn't exist (Autism is a neurotype, not a disease!), salaries, and stigmatizing ad campaigns. This video does an excellent job breaking down what percentage of each donation goes where.

Here's a helpful graphic with more info on their funding.

Here is their most infamous and stigmatizing "awareness" campaign advertisement.


#1. Delete your posts promoting Autism Speaks. It doesn't matter how much they paid you to post it, or how good your intentions were, or how seemingly "harmless" the words in the post are. Please delete it.

#2. Promote organizations that actually help autistic people, like The Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network (AWNN)! They are run BY autistic people, FOR autistic people, doing tangible good for our community.

Also, check out the Autistic Gaming Initiative, a monthly event hosted by autistic gamers to raise money for ASAN and AWNN. Sharing our website and events will also help!
(I stream on there too, my name is Lushia on the AGI website, and LushiaGaming on Twitch.

#3. Amplify autistic voices. You have a large platform and a huge audience, with kids especially--it will be really important for autistic kids to know that there other autistics out there advocating for equality and better quality of life for them!

Here is an excellent list of autistic self-advocates online. (post below)


We will not tolerate abuse of autistic people.
We will not tolerate being treated like children.
We will not tolerate being silenced.

Please stop trying to stamp out autistic voices, and take our concerns seriously. WE are the face of autism, not Autism Speaks. These issues directly affect our lives and its important that people in power are being responsible, and not promoting organizations and ideas that do serious damage to autistic people.

You have the privilege of a wide reach and a loud voice, please use it wisely.

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