Saturday, April 6, 2019

"Through Our Eyes" Extended Version on YouTube!

Remember my documentary "Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger's"?
(With how ridiculously often I promote it? I hope so!)

I released the 50-minute extended version on YouTube, so you can watch it for free! It used to be exclusively available on DVD, but I decided to release it to the public during Autism Acceptance Month, where it will be here on the internet to stay. Feel free to use it (along with any of the videos below) for educational settings or to spread awareness/acceptance this April.

Help spread the word by posting it on social media and sharing it with friends!

If you would still like a DVD copy, you can get them from my shop for only $6.99 now!.

The YouTube version and the DVD (recently re-released) now has subtitles in English and five other languages.

I also uploaded the exclusive bonus interviews from the DVD to YouTube. These interviews feature parents of individuals on the spectrum and psych professionals experienced with autistic individuals.

Dr. Tim Wahlberg
Difference between Autism and AS
Difficulty Multitasking
Strengths and Weaknesses
Educating people about AS
Social Interaction and Motivation
Functional Skills

Patti Boheme

Restrictive Interests/Repetitive Behaviors
Changes in the DSM-V
Misconceptions about Autism
Teaching Perspective Taking
Advocating for individuals with Autism
A Success Story

Carol McKellar
Katie's Aspergers
Parenting Katie
Katie's School Experience
Katie's Friendships
Katie's Development

Jodi Borger
Bram's Diagnosis
Bram's Social Experience
Bram's School Experience
How Bram Thinks
Bram's Progress
What people should know about AS

I post videos, podcasts, and blog posts on autism and mental health. Check them out here:

Alyssa Huber - The Life of an Aspie on YouTube
Online videos on Asperger's Syndrome/autism, and my experiences

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