Monday, August 6, 2018

Life Update ~ I'm Bald! xD

I got scammed into shaving my head. :D I didn't want my hair, anyway. I think a pixie cut would look good on me...

P.S. The bearded viking dude in the video is Matt Rhodes, from the documentary "Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger's" and my fiancé! ^_^

(Video Transcript)
Remember my long flowing red hair? Yeah, it's gone now. And I feel great.

Honestly, I've been wanting to shave my head for a long time because my hair has always been a sensory nightmare for me.
I was aware of it 24/7, it got caught on everything, and it took a lot of time just keeping it clean and non-greasy and not tangled.

It feels so much better now. There's so many advantages to having it this short.
1. I don't have to worry about my hair getting wet in the rain or frizzy in humidity.
2. I don't have to keep a hair tie on my wrist all the time.
3. I can actually roll my windows down in my car and it won't wreck my hair.

Also, I've been told I look badass like this. A friend told me that I remind him of Furiosa from Mad Max. I'll admit I feel more confident knowing that. And I think people would be less likely to try to pick a fight with me if I look tougher. And maybe they'd take me more seriously.

I feel more bold and more honest this way. And I feel like it's allowed me to give more attention to things that I value more, like creative hobbies and daily tasks I need to do.

To be honest, while I did want to shave my head anyway,
I was actually scammed into it. I've heard of people selling their hair online, usually for wig makers, and my hair was apparently really valuable because red is a rare color.

So I listed it on a website, and usually you're not supposed to cut it until you have a buyer--just to keep it as fresh as possible. So I held off on cutting it and waited for a buyer because hey--it's money, and I need money. I didn't get any buyers for about month, not even anyone inquiring about it,
but eventually I came across an ad from a buyer looking for specific hair, and got in contact with them. We made an agreement, I followed the terms and cut my hair, but this guy refused to pay.

That was partially my fault because I already knew it was bad idea to cut my hair before the payment, but honestly I was so sick of my hair at that point, that I was willing to take a risk.

And another advantage of having no/short hair: I can wear hats now! I used to not be able to wear them because I hated getting hat hair and the feeling of my hair being greasy.

Anyway, I just wanted to explain WHY I'm bald so you guys won't be left confused. :D

(Note: I plan on letting it grow out to a pixie cut, since my Muffin [Matt] thinks it'd look good on me. I think so too. ^^)


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