Monday, March 30, 2015

Switching Tasks

It's a pain! Too many things going on at once overload my brain, so I prefer focusing on only one or two activities a day--such as playing a video game and doing ONE homework assignment. Not THREE homework assignments, TWO phone calls, TWENTY emails to check, TWELVE phone notifications, ONE meeting to attend, etc.... otherwise my brain explodes from thinking about all of them at the same time!

I am writing this because I'm currently overloaded. Usually when this happens, I get my brain to slow down by writing out my thoughts in list form. Here's an example, using what I'm dealing with right now:

-> Asperger's Documentary DVD's (people asking for them left and right when I don't HAVE them yet)
-> Need to make the DVD cover so I can order them
-> Need to make the DVD itself so I can order them
-> Need to make a few changes to the film so I can make the DVD
        -> Need to edit the film to make the extended version so I can make the DVD
-> Alyssa Huber Films Website (need to get that launched so I can sell DVD's!)
-> I've never made a website before
-> I'm paying for monthly hosting already so I should get on it now!
-> I can't get on it now because I have an exam and paper to write
-> Busy in college
-> Paper to write, exam to do--
-> People talking around me
-> I can't shut out their voices! I can't think anymore!! (at least not enough to finish this list)

...I already feel better.

But you get the idea; it's chaotic.

The only reason why I was able to stay sane this weekend is because I had shut out everything else so I could focus on the premiere of my Asperger's documentary (Check out the trailer here). It's ironic, because I spent the entire weekend around people--premiere on Friday, awards on Saturday, and social event on Sunday--and yet I felt refreshed because I could let my brain focus ONLY on those events.

The challenging factor about college is not so much the fact that I have to be around people a lot, but that I have far too many things to address at once. And no matter how minor they may seem, the
quantity is what saps my energy at the end of the day.


  1. What a great post! You did a great service to yourself by listing some of the many things you have to do. Also by prioritizing them as you did. I saw you at the premiere and at the awards ceremony and you did not seem fazed at all. What I would suggest is you look at that list again and see if there are any tasks that you can delegate. Otherwise, just try to knock out one at a time. I really liked your movie.

  2. Thank you. :) For some reason, I do fairly well at public speaking even if I'm somewhat overwhelmed. I practice enough so that I can recite what I planned automatically to not use too much crucial energy.

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