I'm Lushia, an #ActuallyAutistic/ND adult who writes about Neurodiversity, Autism, & Mental Health. Stranded on Earth and having fun with it. I also have ADHD, OCD, C-PTSD, and multiplicity/alters.

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The purpose of this blog is to:
1. Increase Autism Acceptance and understanding by writing on my personal experiences.
2. To discuss mental health and other practical issues concerning Neurodiversity, autism, and mental health.
3. To express myself honestly, as this blog is a writing outlet for me.

I will do my best to keep my posts appropriate and easy to read.

If you have any questions/comments for me, please use this contact form. I'd like to hear your thoughts on my posts as well. :)

I have a wide variety of hobbies. Check out some of my other stuff!

Lushia's Neurodivergent Life on YouTube
Online videos on autism, mental health and my experiences

Gingersnaspie on YouTube and Twitch
My fun gaming / VTuber videos

LushiaKyobi on YouTube
My vocal covers

My Fantasy Novel "Vael"
A work in progress