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Alyssa's Live Streams

Alyssa's livestream content includes gaming and/or discussion on Asperger's / Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The live streams are typically PG-13 rated.

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Alyssa loves retro games, especially N64, NES, and some PC games. Most of her streams / videos are her verbal commentary (and much silliness) over the gameplay. She more often goes by Lushia on this channel.

Asperger's / Autism Discussion (Lushia's Neurodivergent Life)
While Alyssa is open to all discussion on Asperger's / Autism in her gaming streams, she occasionally has dedicated streams just for talking about ASD. Some of these may be scheduled during the Autistic Gaming Initiative.

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Autistic Gaming Initiative Live Streams (Online)

Join me for a good cause and watch me play retro games!

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What is the Autistic Gaming Initiative?
The Autistic Gaming Initiative (AGI) is a monthly live streaming gaming event that fundraises for the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) and Autism Women's Network (AWN), two autism organizations that benefit autistic people by providing them with resources, advocacy, and meetups. The event spans over 2 days on the last weekend of every month, packed full of live gaming on Twitch and YouTube.

The streamers and other members of AGI are on the autism spectrum, and membership is open to any autistic person who wants to join. Streaming is not a requirement for membership.

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